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Hosting Architecture

Network IconThe servers running all services on our shared hosting platform are purpose-built, DELL rack-mounted servers with Dual Quad Core Processors, at least 24GB of DDR3 ECC RAM, and 4x SAS 6Gbps 15K RPM Hard Drives in a Raid 10 configuration.

All shared hosting servers are uplinked to our network at 1Gbps.

All our servers are securely configured with software based firewalls and antivirus. We utilise intrusion detection software to quickly stop any external threats. Our network is constantly monitored for any signs of DDoS attacks which can be stopped directly at the routing infrastructure without effecting service to our equipment.

Currently our primary site is IceColo (Manchester, UK) our secondary site is BlueSquare House (Maidenhead, UK).

Backup Locations

Backup IconSecondary DNS and Secondary Mail Servers are located in Maidenhead (UK), Tertiary DNS and Mail Handling is located in New York (USA) which gives us true DNS and Mail Redundancy.

Backup storage is located in Bluesquare Data (Maidenhead UK) on a dedicated NAS server.

Backup Strategy

All customer and system data is backed up 4 times per day and held for 14 days. In the event of one of our systems failing we can quickly move customer data directly to another server.

Customers can also perform a backup of their website and database data directly from the control panel. This can then be downloaded directly to your computer at home or in the workplace.