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Email System Explained


SmarterMail's webmail is fully Web 2 based, it is both user friendly and feature rich giving users an Outlook style interface, Email Iconenabling them to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Backup Mail Services

We can provide backup mail services for any mail server. Currently we have clients who have exchange servers and use our services as a backup. Another use of our system is the offloading of the spam and virus cleaning process e.g. our servers clean your mail and then passes the cleaned mail back to your servers.


Spam, UBE or abusive email represents 90 billion messages per day, accounting for more than 70% of all email traffic. Research firm The Radicati Group forecasts the spam percentage to increase to 82% by 2011 despite all efforts. It's estimated that spam accounts for about two-thirds of corporate e-mail traffic, which makes corporate IT face extra costs, resources and security risks.

Phishing has rapidly grown its share to nearly 80% of all email-borne threats, greatly exceeding executable malware such as viruses. Using advanced AntiSpam technologies we aim to provide near 100% clean rate for all emails.

SmarterMail Mail Server is updated on a monthly basis providing a quick turnaround on bug fixes and rapid availability of new features. Both our AntiSpam and antivirus engines are updated every hour to provide up to date and around the clock protection.