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GroupWare is the term used to describe software that allows collaborative sharing of information. Most GroupWare products enable Users to share, among other things, Calendars and Address Books.

Why our GroupWare is different?

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SmarterMail GroupWare is an Advanced Server-based solution designed to improve User Communication, enable Multi-User Scheduling, Contact Management capabilities and allow sharing and synchronization of all types of information among users, applications and devices, but with respect to privacy and security policies.

Keep it synchronized

SmarterMail Synchronized Icon GroupWare data can be accessed on-line using Webmail GroupWare Calendaring interface or off-line, using MS Outlook with the SmarterMail Sync Utility, which performs a background two-way sync between Outlook items and GroupWare server on defined schedule. Server-side solution resolves any conflicts and ensures that all data is kept up-to-date and backed up in the central database storage. From there, data can be synchronized to Pocket PCs and Smartphone devices (such as the Motorola Q™, Palm Treo™, and Samsung BlackJack™)


Workspace IconThe SmarterMail web interface contains a sophisticated news feed aggregator. You can add feeds to keep an eye on. Some of the features of SmarterMail's RSS capabilities are:

Reports and Notifications

Reports Icon The server can be set to send reminders and daily schedule reports to users to notify them of upcoming events, using either e-mail communication.


All your sensitive data is protected by a strong cipher using end-to-end SSL encryption and secure login method with encrypted password. Any unprotected access to user data from defined destinations can be disabled. Simple allow/ban rules can be used to permit access from given IP ranges only.

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