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Anti-Virus Protection

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All email messages are scanned for Virus infections before being delivered to your inbox this is powered by Trend Micro Server Protect, scanning all mailboxes in realtime, providing around the clock protection for all mailboxes. Our Anti-Vius protection updates every hour to provide the most up to date and accurate protection.

Anti-Spam Protection

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SmarterMail Anti-Spam is a complete anti-spam solution which is approaching 100% accuracy. The engine is continuously being improved to handle the latest spammer tricks

Example of the features we utilise to provide the high level of Spam Protection

SpamAssassin uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text and calculates a spam-score based on the results. If the spam-score is high enough then the message is classified as spam. SpamAssassin also integrates technologies like SURBL, SPF and Bayesian filters and offers other features like complete spam message and header reporting.

Bayesian Filters

Quarantined messages can be inspected by the intended recipient or Domain Spam Administrator, who can choose, for each message, to WhiteList the sender, BlackList the sender, deliver the message without Black or Whitelisting, or Delete the message. A message can also be White listed by the Sender if the Challenge Response is enabled and the sender completes the Response process correctly.