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About DHosting

DHosting started in early 2004 and became very popular within a few short months. In 2005 new servers were purchased to provide an increased level of service to our clients. Nearing the end of 2005 we were one of the few hosts to offer Microsoft SQL 2008 hosting. This improved our success and we gained both the business and trust of many developers across the world. DWebs Ltd was formed in October 2005 to improve both our business status and security to clients.

DHosting 2006

At the start of 2006 we made the move from American based servers to UK based equipment. An instant improvement was seen not just in performance but overall stability. Towards the end of 2006 we moved our operations to new improved equipment and a new network.

DHosting 2007

In May 2007 we refreshed our equipment again with high performance Intel Core2Duo servers and added Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives to our hardware platform. We now operate at less than 10% processor usage during peak time giving us plenty of resources to spare for new clients. Our operations now span 4 UK Data Centers, providing a secure out of city location in Kent gives us higher redundancy than most UK webhosts. Focusing on stability and redundancy we are now able to offer hosting in any of our facilities providing the highest level of uptime and performance to both home and business users. October 2007 brought the introduction of Helm v4. Helm 4 is 100% ASP .NET based and offers high security and performance compared to our previous control panel. Helm is a modular built control panel which allows nearly any application to be integrated. Helm gives our clients more control of their webhosting and allows for future expansion.

DHosting Support

We were one of the first UK Providers to support ASP .NET 3.0 & .NET AJAX 1.0 which we supported from the early development stages. DHosting has earned the respect from many Microsoft Certified Developers offering the latest technologies at an affordable rate which we will continue to support into the future.

DHosting marketing

November 2007 brings the launch of the new DHosting website with its professional image and wealth of information. The introduction of our own custom built helpdesk ( www.dhelpdesk.com ) and our domain management system ( www.d-reg.net ) provide us with the leading edge, with all our systems integrated we are able to manage clients more efficiently. The addition of Backup Email Hosting to our current product range allows small and medium businesses to experience the high level of stability we offer at a cost effective price.

Our support offering is split into three levels, standard, business and premium. All levels of support include a guaranteed response time to support requests giving our clients reassurance their support tickets will be answered within a timely manner.

We also introduced our Managed Server Service allowing our clients to utilise our expertise to provide their applications with a high level of service and support.

The Future...

As 2008 approaches we intend to provide Windows 2008 & Microsoft SQL 2008 hosting immediately after their launch. With the constant expansion of our control panel new products and features will be added over the coming months and years. Our new billing system will be introduced at the end of February 2008 providing clients a central place to manage all their purchases, this as with our helpdesk is custom built and integrated with all aspects of our services.